Your Car. Your Data. Your Choice.™ is an Auto Care Association and Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) education initiative created to engage car owners, policymakers and other stakeholders on car data – what is it, why it matters and its implications for consumer choice.


We believe car owners should have the right to directly access and control their car data. We’re fighting to put car data back where it belongs – in the hands of car owners.



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71% of Consumers Assume Car Owners Already Have Access to Car Data. They’re Wrong.


As of today, only auto manufacturers have direct access to car data. Car owners don’t have full ownership of their data, nor do they have the ability to control how and where it is sent. Nearly 9-in-10 consumers think car owners should be able to control who has access to their car’s data.


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Where is the line? I feel like there is no privacy anymore. You literally give away every single little piece of information that could possibly exist. I’m just not okay with that.
– LA car owner
What if you go to like Lexus, or BMW and they're like, 'No. This is our data. If you want to get it fixed by mechanic ``B``, he's going to have to buy it from us, and it's going to cost him.'
– Columbus car owner

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