Your Car’s Data

Today’s modern vehicle has been described as a computer on wheels. Your car generates and transmits an enormous amount of information, from your car’s current condition to your driving behavior. This helps monitor the health and safety of your car’s system. So when your car needs an oil change or has brake issues, diagnostic information can be sent to a technician who can fix the problem. Such information offers great benefits to you as a car owner — but only if you know what is being collected, have access to the data and can decide what to do with it.

Who Can Access Your Data?

Automakers can. But you can’t. Right now, the information your car collects is automatically sent back to automakers. They decide how to use this data and can make it available to their higher-priced dealer service shops that can then solicit owners for maintenance and repairs. Car owners and independent auto businesses are left in the dark, without any access to or control over this incredibly valuable data.

Why Does It Matter?

By sending the data to dealer service departments, automakers are steering consumers to higher-priced repair options. This pads their pockets while consumers are stuck paying more. If car owners could share their own data with smaller, independent lower-priced auto repair businesses, they would be able to shop around and get the best price for service and maintenance. Owners buy and pay for their cars; they should have the freedom to choose what to do with the data and who to share it with.

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I believe that car data should belong to the car owner. It’s my car, so it should be my data. I should know what data is being collected, have full access to it – and it should be up to me to decide where my car sends that data and how it’s used.

About the Initiative

The Your Car.  Your Data. Your Choice campaign represents the interests of individual car owners and the independent repair shops and auto parts stores that serve them. We believe car owners should have the right to access and control their own vehicle data. We’re fighting to put car data back where it belongs – in the hands of car owners.

By 2020, more than 90% of new cars will transmit real-time information about the owner’s driving behavior and the vehicle’s condition.